Exploring AI in Construction: The Revolution in the Industry

Exploring AI in Construction: The Revolution in the Industry

Artificial intelligence is on the rise in every corner of our world, and the construction industry is no different. Learn about AI in construction today.
Side view of steel structure workshop with blue sky

5 Ways Steel Sustainability Is Infinite

Check out all the benefits of steel sustainability. Learn how its recyclability, durability, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for a greener future.
Construction concept of Engineer and Architect working at Construction Site with blue print

An Expert’s Guide to Sustainable Construction

Discover the latest sustainable construction trends and practices, reducing environmental impact while enhancing efficiency and durability.
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How to Complete a Successful Commercial Building Renovation

From initial vision to project completion, learn everything you need to know for a successful commercial building renovation.
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5 Commercial Metal Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learn to avoid costly mistakes while ensuring safety and efficiency in your next commercial metal building project.
Signs Your Business Needs a Commercial Remodel

Signs Your Business Needs a Commercial Remodel

Discover different signs indicating it's time for a commercial remodel and stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive guide.
Unfinished building interior, white hall

The Most Common Commercial Remodeling Mistakes: A Guide to Success

Discover how to avoid mistakes in commercial remodeling projects with our comprehensive guide. Learn practical tips and strategies today.

Your Guide to Metal Building Ventilation

Proper metal building ventilation is essential for the comfort of the occupants and for maintaining the building's structural integrity.
Side view of a grey steel building with blue roof

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Commercial Steel Buildings

Debunk commercial steel building misconceptions and learn facts to help you make informed decisions when considering them for commercial projects.
Green Construction: Ensuring Sustainability in Pre-Engineered Metal

Green Construction: Ensuring Sustainability in Pre-Engineered Metal

Learn more about the sustainability risks in pre-engineered metal buildings and how green construction addresses them.
How Long Do Metal Buildings Last? Helpful Maintenance Tips for Longevity

How Long Do Metal Buildings Last? Helpful Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Curious about how long metal buildings last? Learn how you can prolong the life of these structures.

A Guide to Metal Building: Quality Control in Construction 

Are you embarking upon a commercial building project? Be sure to check out this helpful guide on quality control in construction.  

Budgeting for a Commercial Metal Building Project

Are you in the process of budgeting for a commercial metal building project? Be sure to check out this helpful guide today.
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Industrial Warehouse Design Considerations

The layout of an industrial warehouse will directly contribute to the efficiency of operations run in and around the building.
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All About the Stages of Ground-Up Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

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Ground-up construction is a method of building from the ground up. It starts with an empty or undeveloped site, hence the name “ground-up.”
Contemporary Red Brick & Glass Convex School Building

What Is the New Trend for School Building Designs?

Avoid common issues by understanding the new trends for school building practices in the construction industry.
Engineering, construction site and team

The Best Safety Practices in Construction

Avoid common issues by understanding the best safety practices in the construction industry.
Crane lifting a prefabricated wooden building module

Your Guide to Construction Manufacturing

Take a comprehensive look at construction manufacturing, including how the process goes and how you can complete your project with it.

Design-Build: The Owner’s Role in Successful Outcomes

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Learn more about the role of the commercial building owner in design-build construction projects by exploring this informative guide.

Common Questions Around Commercial Renovation

In this guide, we answer some of the most common questions about commercial building renovation. Read on to learn more!

Reasons Manufacturing Facilities Use Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Discover ten reasons why pre-engineered metal buildings are the preferred choice for new construction manufacturing projects.
Image of an engineer designing blueprints for a construction project.

Choosing a Design-Build Firm for Your Facility Expansion

Design-build construction firms reduce costs and construction times while simplifying the expansion process.
Image of a pre-engineered metal structure being built up

3 Design Inspirations for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Read our blog to learn about pre-engineered metal building design ideas and what designs could benefit your industry.
Image of workers planning on a construction site.

How to find the right general contractor for your project

When it’s time to choose a general contractor for your next project, here’s what you need to look for.
Image of two workers on top of a steel construction beam

Advantages of Using Steel

When people think of durable building materials, the advantages of steel often come to mind. Here’s why steel frame construction is a great choice.
Image of the inside of a steel industrial building.

What Are Industrial Metal Buildings Used For?

Metal industrial buildings are designed to be extremely durable, safe, and cost effective, making them perfect for a variety of business needs.
Image of a worker welding together a steel building structure.

How Pre-Engineered Metal Building Construction Differs from Other Methods

Steel buildings are now the go-to choice for durability and longevity. Learn how metal building construction types differ from traditional methods.
Image of a pre-engineered metal aviation hangar.

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings For Aviation

Pre-engineered metal buildings streamline the construction process. Learn why they’re an excellent decision for aviation structures.
Image of engineers planning for a construction project.

how has design build influence the construction industry

Considering a new project? Design-build might be the answer for you. Learn more about how design-build construction has changed the industry.
Image of a building blueprint resting on a ladder.

The Complete Guide to Commercial Building Renovation

Planning a commercial building renovation is a complicated process. Check out our renovation process checklist and how Calahan can help.
Image of a construction schedule

Methods to accelerate your project schedule

Construction projects often get pushed back due to delays. Commercial scheduling services can ensure that your project is completed on time
Image of a construction site.

Factors that affect commercial construction cost

The cost to build a commercial building depends on the method you choose, so it pays to understand the difference between tilt-up and ground-up project
Structure of steel for building construction on sky background_

What Are Steel-Framed Buildings?

A wood-framed building is susceptible to damage. Learn how steel-framed buildings reinforce construction and protect your investment for years to come.

Discover the Many Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered steel structure buildings have long been a popular construction choice because of their many benefits. Learn more.

Benefits of a Full Service General Contractor

New building construction can be complicated, and its moving parts can become overwhelming. Hiring a full-service general contractor makes things easy.

What’s the Difference Between Remodeling and Renovation?

If you're looking to revamp your office space, you have two options: commercial renovation and remodeling. But how can you tell which one is best for you?

Road Work Ahead: Navigating the Nuances of Transportation Construction

Navigating the details behind transportation construction is no easy task. Take a look at a few steps to prepare for the road work ahead.

The Advantages of Metal Building Construction

If you’re looking for a durable and dependable material for your next construction project, consider investing in metal building construction.
people performing masonry services

Masonry Services 101

Masonry services are highly acclaimed construction materials due to their curb appeal and durability. But how can you tell which material is best for you?
3 construction workers on a site

Summer Construction Safety Tips

The summer months can take a serious toll on your team. By following a few construction safety tips, you can create a safe environment for your workers.
Contractors working on an agricultural construction project

Unique Qualities of Agricultural Construction

Agricultural construction is more than just barn-building. It's about constructing workspaces, storage, living spaces, and more.
Construction workers in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Construction Process

This article explains the different oil and gas construction processes required for various types of oilfield facilities, pipelines, and staging areas.
Design-Build construction blueprints

What Is Design-Build Construction and Why Is It Beneficial?

Are you looking for a streamlined, money-saving construction process? Continue reading to learn why the design-build process is right for you.
A crane moving metals while building a new facility

Commercial Construction Industry Trends To Keep Your Eye on in 2022

Learn some of the biggest construction industry trends, supply chain disruptions, and eco-friendly building solutions to expect in 2022.
Inside view of an agricultural construction building project

Why Your Agricultural Business Needs an Insulated Workshop Building

Learn how insulated workshop buildings save money, reduce noise pollution, and make farm work much more comfortable.
Construction worker applying caulk as part of a tenant finish project

What Is a Commercial Tenant Finish?

Commercial tenant finishes take commercial spaces and customize them for the businesses that use them. Learn more today.
building in construction during the brick masonry process

Different Types of Masonry

Considering a new commercial construction project? Masonry can help you create the building you want. Learn about the types of masonry here.
Workers watching a metal building construction process take place

What Is Metal Building Construction?

Metal building construction is a process where your contractor efficiently assembles pre-engineered building parts. Learn more here.
Hard-hats lined up on a bench

Calahan’s Construction Safety Tips

We use the procedures described here to keep our workers and clients safe during our construction projects.
Tilt-Up Construction and its Benefits

The Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction

What is tilt-up construction? Discover this construction method’s process and advantages here to determine if it’s a good fit for your project.
Contractor during a winter construction project

Winter Construction Projects and Their Challenges

Can you successfully complete a winter construction project? It’s possible, but these projects often face major challenges that can disrupt construction.
Construction Workers Pointing and Looking Upward

What Is a Commercial General Contractor?

Commercial general contractors provide many services for building and remodeling projects. Discover what separates good contractors from the rest.
Construction workers looking over construction plans during new construction

Is Industrial Building Construction, Expansion, or Renovation the Best Option for My Facility?

Looking to make some changes to your facility? Consider these aspects when looking at industrial building construction, expansion, and renovation.